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Brand audit
Brand audit

It happens that you know all the features of the market from the inside, and there is a whole staff of experts with different specializations.But an objective situation assessment requires an independent view.

Here comes the brand audit ;)

Its goal is to adequately and impartially identify weaknesses and strengths, to analyze the competitive environment. From the results obtained, a brand assessment is developed, as well as specific recommendations. We analyze your product line and target audience.

Brand audit shows how effectively the strategy works, how the brand communicates with consumers and whether it corresponds to positioning.

We also analyze the visual brand attributes (logo, identity, packaging, etc.), the correct branding of media. In general, we determine how your brand matches current trends.

Thus, your company will be able to respond the time, make original decisions and stand out among competitors in their favor.

Steps of brand audit

We analyze competitors and the features of their promotion.
We evaluate the work of company marketing department, monitor the effectiveness of brand communications.
We analyze the visual state of the brand, taking into account the use of corporate identity. We define growth areas in terms of design.
We present the results and develop recommendations to increase the productivity of the company.
What do you get:

Analysis of competitors.

A detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company, development opportunities and threats.

Understanding the main mistakes in the marketing and design strategy of the company, as well as their solutions.

Recommendations on how to optimize internal processes, build a strategy and strengthen a market position, standing out verbally and visually.

Is your brand ready to get better??
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