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Brand identity
Brand identity

All brands are different. So are goods, positionings, missions and, of course, visual styles. The latter include both logo, and corporate colours, as well as rules of how to use them. In fact, this is what brand identity is, yet the proviso.

Brand identity is its skin. Unfortunately, only identity, even the most beautiful one, will not solve efficiently the tasks in hand. For this, it also needs conceptual framework and a good marketing strategy – the brand skeleton. 

We take an integrated approach to developing brand identity, involving in the process not only designers, but also marketers. We hold strategic sessions with our clients, find insights together, work on all the ins and outs before outlining a vision.

And only after that we translate the vision into visual rhythms and graphic messages.

Our brand identity always meets the four targets: it is effective, it solves client’s tasks, it is appealing to the target audience and helps 'read' the message easily. 

Steps of corporate identity development

We study the audience and competitors in the chosen segment.
We hold strategic sessions with you, work out the values of your brand and find insights together.
We develop identity concepts that match your brand character.
We present a new logo, corporate identity and options for its using on media.
What do you get:

Brand identity from A to Z.

The transmission of company’s key values via the visual language.

The opportunity to build a long-term communication with the customer, based on product recognition among all.

A detailed guideline that shows the basic rules for using brand elements.

Is your brand ready to get better??
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