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People love brands. They want them. They live by them. They know them and buy them.


When choosing, a consumer always chooses a brand, not a trademark which has equal characteristics. He or she is not even concerned about a considerable price difference, and sound arguments easily give way to emotions. Iphone is always better than other phones, and Pepsi is tastier than Coca Cola. Or vise versa. As you like it more.


Brand is always something irrational, it is an emotion, instant recognition and a strong association. It is a myth and a legend which drive consumers, get them involved in something bigger and more significant.


At the same time, brand is a goal of a business aimed for long-term prospects. This is a process a company should enter the sooner the better and the word for it is branding. Simply speaking, branding is the way of a brand from its birth to success. The way we will help to cover at any stage, accompanying your product at any step.


We can create, shape and transform your trademark into a brand, promote its image and sustain its systematic development. We will choose a brand archetype and anchor an emotion to it. Then we will increase the recognisability and the desirability of your product and will make it a part of your customers’ life.

Steps of branding

We set goals, set goals and prescribe a meeting plan.
We analyze: the market, competitors, the current position of the company. Determine the target audience.
Create an idea. We prescribe the brand platform in detail. We are working on the name, slogan and Tone of Voice of your company. We create a plan for implementing the developed strategy.
We develop visual identification that corresponds to the general concept and scales to different media.
What do you get:

A complete "analysis" of your field of activity: the truth of the market, a deep analysis of competitors.

Vision of who your customer is: its drivers, barriers and insights.

The main idea of the brand. Positioning and brand platform, which defines the marketing tools and direction of communication of the company.

A marketing complex that includes all aspects of positioning: description, legend, points of brand differentiation.

The main verbal attributes of brands are: name, slogan, descriptor.

A detailed brand book that combines a description of the idea and attributes of the brand, positioning, as well as a guide to using the corporate identity.

Is your brand ready to get better??
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