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King trumpet mushroom (eringi)


To design packaging for eringi mushrooms. 





King trumpet mushroom (eringi)


A well-known fact: in the modern world, we often forget about ourselves. And in order not to feel guilty for another missed workout, a sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy snack, or a bad habit, all of us are always looking for some magic food.

Such products are king trumpet mushrooms (eringi). The Wishnia team had a task with creating packaging that would introduce the consumer to this relatively new type of mushroom while communicating the benefits of the product. After all, king trumpet mushrooms can boast of their nutritional value, the number of useful vitamins and minerals, and a unique almond taste.

In developing the packaging, we needed to highlight the product, but not scare away the buyer, who is used to pale champignons. We referred to the box, which, on the one hand, speaks of craftiness and naturalness, and on the other hand, preserves the integrity of the mushroom during transportation and storage. The colors are also matched to stand out from the competition. Dark tones speak of the uniqueness and premium quality of mushrooms, while green tones speak of naturalness and environmental friendliness.

You can find king trumpet mushrooms already on store shelves. And they stand out from other products in the vegetable department. The buyer wants to come up and take a closer look at what it is. We understand him ;)

King trumpet mushroom (eringi)
King trumpet mushroom (eringi)
King trumpet mushroom (eringi)
King trumpet mushroom (eringi)
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