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Vita Korytina
Anastasiia Leha
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JB — clothes for girls


To create marketing strategy, positioning and corporate identity.

JB — clothes for girls


It is generally accepted that any mother should be the best. But there are no objective criteria how to be a good mother. Children just should be happy. That is why a good mom is to be charged with happiness, to develop social skills of her children. A good mother brings up not only little princes and princesses, however them as well ;)

Working on this case we met with mothers and found out their main problems and pains. It is believed that children's clothing brands should be to kids' liking. But we immediately tossed this hypothesis aside. For us it is clear that clothes should be. first of all. for mother's needs and please them. From the very beginning the initials JB (the first letters of the names of the owners of the company) were seemed to be almost impossible to play up with. But we found an effective solution: smiles that can simultaneously communicate with moms and children. They became our new logo, even more — 12 logos. Our design team has also created a new visual identity.

We have developed a unique graphic style, using bright colors that really attract. In addition, we created a company branded font, and also offered options for using identity: beginning with products and ending with communication through social networks.

JB — clothes for girls
JB — clothes for girls
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