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Vita Korytina
Alyona Beseda
Anastasiia Leha
Yana Perevalo
Mad Snack Champions


To create a unique packaging with a strong idea. 

Mad Snack Champions


Mad Snack champions are healthy snacks that have a unique form of cubes. It`s perfect for active people who don`t have enough time for substantial meal.

During the creating of this packaging, great women became our inspiration and muses. They crossed Antarctica on skis, ran a marathon of 1000 kilometres, travelled around the world on a yacht and accomplished other feats. Briefly, they were real champions! Each SKU tells the story of a strong woman.

But the packaging also tells its target audience that a champion lives in each of us. Every day you win over yourself. On the way to goals, you overcome difficulties and become stronger. Sometimes it is hard, but you don’t give up.

Every day, step by step, you create your future. Self-belief, strength of spirit and the Mad Snack Champions will help you to be the best!

Mad Snack Champions
Mad Snack Champions
Mad Snack Champions
Mad Snack Champions
Mad Snack Champions
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