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It is the time of visual content. However, the maximal interaction with a brand is achieved via its main verbal attribute – its name. A name accompanies every communication: either it is a client's business card, an advertisement on the radio or a post in social networks. A good name doesn’t only “sound well”, but also helps to remember a company, captures attention and evokes a right association in clients.

The name of a brand should communicate the values which are important for a customer. For example, information about specialisation, necessary emotions or the character of a brand. 


Steps of naming

We study tendencies in the market, analyze the target audience and competitors.
We develop conceptions for names on the base of the analysis.
We test the name for its uniqueness, as well as select an appropriate domain.
We run a strategic session. We present the ready concepts.
What do you get:

The information about competitors’ verbal attributes, as well as general information concerning the market.

Variants for a unique name of a brand, which meet the company’s requirements, have a conceptual platform, correspond to the product and are easy to remember.

Is your brand ready to get better??
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