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Complex branding and advertising campaign for new gated community.




In the modern world, some startups manage to “take off” just having a good product. But there exist other situations as well. For example, when the market is developing too fast, and new players appear almost every day. Here you can’t start without a well-thought-out strategy! So now, the elite real estate market is becoming to be such a kind of “battlefield". We faced a very responsible task - to create a brand of a gated community through a full cycle, starting from an idea, ending with a visual implementation.

Our first step was a deep analysis. We learned pretty everything: how competitors behave, what they talk about and how they look; what are the trends in the market, which may threaten not only at the start but also in subsequent development. But most importantly - we studied him.

He is successful, purposeful, and ambitious. He appreciates the high quality of life, personal comfort, and convenience. He prefers the severity of style, and luxury does not mean pretentiousness for him. Guess who he is? Well, of course, he is a representative of our target audience. We thoroughly studied our target audience, their habits, expectations, and how they choose the best place to live. And only then they began to think over how to "hook" the customers.

When creating positioning, we laid down the idea that a personal home is not just a property or territory. People around play an important role. There are no “just neighbors”, and they are not accidental here. These people with the same status, lifestyle, and high demands on life quality. The key elements in the implementation of the strategy were the general statute (rules of the town) and the council of the town.

This approach is fundamentally different from other gated communities. Therefore, the name is fully justified - NEWSIDE. We are something new, unlike others. And since our target audience is self-confident, has its own opinion, here everyone sees their new side. A new side of happiness, status, success. A new side of life in general. The slogan is based on such a concept: “A new side of life”.

But visually it was important to show the confidence and reliability of the brand. The modern and at the same time mature NEWSIDE corporate identity conveys the image of new standards of life, comfort, and stability. Restrained and status, it seems to reflect the character of the inhabitants of the town. We declare loudly - it is comfortable and reliable with us!

The NEWSIDE logo is a unique character style. There are several variations of writing: with a slogan and without a slogan. A variety of color combinations help to use the logo in various combinations. After this, to show the product to the market, an advertising campaign was developed. Firstly, we set two goals: to create an image and get a conversion (calls and requests from the site).

The idea of ​​advertising communication is laid down in one phrase: “It's high time”. So capacious and emotional. It calls for action right now and draws attention to itself. After all, we so often forget about our desires and dreams. In constant fuss, we constantly put off everything for tomorrow. But this “tomorrow” does not come.

■ It's high time to build a house for life

■ It's high time to breathe deeply

■ It's high time to get a big dog

■ It's high time to invest in a comfortable life

■ It's high time for the gated community

■ It's high time for jogging in the forest

Visually, everything is supported by real colorful views of the cottage town. Of course, all the details of the corporate identity are also included :)

The first week showed that the brand received large feedback and viewing requests. It means the success of branding and advertising campaigns.

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