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Your product is the best! But there’s a risk of no one learning it if the product is not smartly presented.

A customer spends just a couple of seconds on deciding whether to buy or not, and in many cases gives preference to familiar goods. Still, his/her choice may be influenced by absolutely legal means : )

Packaging is the end to the era of goods invisibility. It gives the first impression to the customer, as well as the chance to attract his/her attention. It is a possibility to make your product eye-catching on a shelf and to tell to the customer quickly about yourself. And obviously, it is just sightly ;)

We undertake the whole process of packaging design: from designing to choosing material. Everything is done according to the latest trends, a set task and your goals.

We approach the development from scientific perspectives. Our best friends are colour and shape psychology, as well as tests in focus-groupsWe prove all hypotheses practically, and only after that we implement them.

And above all, our beauty is necessarily practical and takes into account all the specifics of product storage. Expiry date, specific temperature conditions – we will take every detail into account.

Steps of packaging design

Studying competitors’ market in the chosen segment (analysing design solutions and a unique offer).
Developing an emotional component for a unique commercial offer.
Developing a design conception.
Making up the layout and get it ready for printing.
What do you get:

Saving on classical advertising. The packaging itself will become an effective advertising tool.

Transmitting product qualities in a language understandable for your client.

Is your brand ready to get better??
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