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Alyona Beseda
Catalog V.A.N.foods



Develop trade catalogs for the V.A.N. Foods confectionery manufacturer 



Catalog V.A.N.foods


First of all, we determined who these printed materials are aimed at. And this is what happened. Trading catalogs are a brand touch point aimed at a wholesale buyer, a representative of a retail chain, store or supermarket. In general, our end user turned out to be a serious person! It is he who will make the decision to purchase products after viewing these catalogs.

It turns out that rationality, consistency and rigor in decisions are necessary. But what about emotions? Especially for such a product like sweets.

In creating trade catalogs, we paid special attention to aesthetics and appearance. It was also important to follow the corporate identity and systematically submit a fairly large amount of information.

These catalogs became a presentation for packaged products. They include all the information about tastes, shelf life expiration, as well as the necessary information about wholesales.

It turned out succinctly, clearly and visually attractive. And most importantly - relevant for both the customer and the end user.

Catalog V.A.N.foods
Catalog V.A.N.foods
Catalog V.A.N.foods
Catalog V.A.N.foods
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